Saturday, November 6, 2010

Not the Craft Fair, but better ;-)

I decided not to go the Craft Fair yesterday - I couldn't stand the thought of the crowds and all those prams and wheelie carts.

But I went on a crafty shopping trip anyway ;-)

I went for a drive to the new Gepps Cross Spotlight - let me say, I love my little Clovercrest, the staff are just great, but the Gepps Cross store is about 4 times the size!  It is so well laid out and organised and so VERY neat and tidy and the staff are GREAT too!

I got some great fabric and bits and pieces

I picked up a colour guide - hopefully, it will help me in picking my fabrics

great aussie sunburnt country browns & golds

navy & white and grey & white

fat quarter bundle - I don't normally like greens, but I am quite taken with this combination.

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