Monday, December 27, 2010

Checking my list twice ;-)

I have just been checking my list to make sure I have sent all my 2010 swap blocks as I had promised, and blogged about them ;-)

I came across this one that I had sent to Linnea, my October swap partner, for QBS

Linnea has now confirmed that she has received it, so I can show a full pic.
Linnea requested "Blues, greens, purples, love batiks but open to anything"  This jelly roll had everything - blues, greens, purples, all lifted with some white.

I was thinking about leaving QBS, as I was unfortunate enough to have two months in a row with 'no contact' partners.  Blog Mom, Cecelia, was kind enough to swap with me for November and I am eagerly awaiting her block in the mail.   Cecelia has given me some words of encouragement and is making endeavours to ensure the Group is a little more active in 2011.  I will give it another opportunity to improve in the new year.

I should clarify that my level of disappointment with the group, is a general lack of communication & participation from SOME members.  My experience has been after receiving notification of a new swap partner for the last two months, there has been no contact from either of them at all - even after several emails.  On searching the group blog, I have found that these people do not seem to have participated since some time in 2009.

Another member of the QBS group posted that 50% participation seemed normal. I don't think so!!! That is so not fair on other members - for every second block you send out, you don't get one back - not happy Jan!!!!

Please, if you are a member of a swap group and find it a bit too much to contribute - even if it is only for a short time - PLEASE, PLEASE, let the Blog Organiser know it makes life so much easier for everybody ;-)

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  1. Oh Cathy I so agree with all you say about swapping... if you can not give 90 to 100% then you should not be in the swap... so not fair if you are sending and not receiving... good for you for speaking up xxx


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