Sunday, December 12, 2010

FNSI - Part II - my first Gathered Clutch Purse

Hubby needed to use the main computer to do some stuff for work that he couldn't do on the laptop for a few hours, so I was kicked off the computer, and relegated to the sewing room - do you think I minded ????  LOL

I decided to use this prime unexpected opportunity to try something I had been meaning to make for a really long time - the Gathered Clutch Purse.  I used the instructions from HERE and made this!!!

Here is a better photo of the gathers **sigh**

here is the inside lining  **sigh**

My first zip since high school sewing (circa 1975)
My sewing teacher would have given me a "B" **sigh**

Can you tell I am so pleased with this?  ;-)

I raided the bag that came with my mum's sewing machine after she passed away in 1998 - I have a smorgasbord of zips!!!!  most of them are big ones, but I imagine this particular zip was from the 70's when I went through my purple phaze ;-)

it took me 2 hours to make this first one - the longest time was co-ordinating the flipping of the liner and outer layer when attaching to the second side of the zip - I was not reading the instructions properly and managed to confuse myself (not very hard to do ;-) )

I was so engrossed, I let my coffee go cold  :-((

I can see me doing more of these in the future ;-)

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  1. Very nice... I might just have pop over and check that site out xxx


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