Thursday, March 3, 2011

My First Pillow

Morning everyone.

We have a lovely sunny day here in Adelaide, all the doors and windows are open and my sweeping and vacuuming is done.

I made my first pillow the other day, complete with the flap to keep the pillow inside.

I am quite chuffed as I made this from scratch to match the Black & White & Red quilt I am making for our bed.  It was quite a challenge figuring out which way to do things ;-)

I have now made another matching pillow, and here they are on the bed.

I am going to submit this pillow to Pillow Party.  I am not too sure if this is fits in with their theme, the pillows submitted previously are so gorgeous.  But you just never know .........

Check out all the other entries - there are some real works of art there ;-)


  1. Beautiful pillows and a lovely quilt! I am envious of your warm weather...

  2. Yours is beautiful!!! I would love something like that to go with my log cabin, done in greens. I think I have enough scraps left, so I just might have to give it a go.


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