Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rain, Rain, go away, come again another day!!!

Well, we certainly got a HUGE amount of rain here in Adelaide yesterday

see this story for more details
(FYI - I live in the northern suburbs and we had 51 mm/2 inches in just a few hours)

I had plans to go to the city to meet a girlfriend for lunch, but got absolutely soaked on the way to the bus stop, broke a shoe, and got a blister from where my wet shoes were rubbing.

Not Happy Jan!!!

I hobbled back home and we have made plans to catch up next week.

When I went to the letterbox this morning,
a damp package was waiting for me ;-(

It was the block from Sue for Block Swap Adventure.

Unfortunately, the terrible weather has taken it's toll on the block ;-(

The reds have run ;-(

On a positive note, I do so love the fabric with the gold words ;-)


  1. What a shame the colour has run in this block. Sounds like you are living up here with me. lol Nice materials in the block all the same.

  2. A beautiful block. Shame it ran. Can you get it out???

  3. That sucks about the rain, but the block is still beautiful.

    Stay dry!


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