Friday, July 8, 2011

fully mobile again and blocks sent and received

What a week!

Last Sunday, I got up out of a chair and pulled a muscle in my leg.  I had been working on designing some wedding invites for a friend's daughter and I guess I had been sitting longer than I thought.

By Tuesday, I was not limping as much, but on Wednesday, pulled it again ;-( it slowly got better and the weather here has improved somewhat, so I have been able to get out and about today to finish off all my errands that should have been done during the week.

The following items can be ticked off my to do list::
  • Mail Block Lotto Blocks
  • Mail BSA block
  • Update blog with pics of blocks received

This lovely block received from Elizabeth for July QBSA.  Thank you Elizabeth, I love your choice of fabrics.

This beautiful christmassy block from Leena for Christmas Block Swap, as well as these little extras

Thank you so much Leena, there are lots of lovely ideas popping in my head on what to do with these ;-)

I received this block from Debra, for the June BSA

Now some more items to add to the to do list
  • July Block Lotto blocks
  • July Christmas Block Swap
  • July QBSA
  • July BSA
  • Finish baby quilt


  1. sorry to hear about your injury - glad it is somewhat on the mend. hope you are fully healed soon - your blocks are lovely!

  2. Hope your legs is all better soon. You have received some wonderful blocks. Looks like you have quite a 'to do' list ahead of you :)


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