Saturday, October 19, 2013

FASI/FNSI - show and tell

Well, it FASI/FNSI again - (Friday Afternoon Sew In/Friday Night Sew In) I love getting together with my blogging buddies and sewing - it is the next best thing to a real get together ;-)

The day started off with some obligatory errands and housework - my car is going to need some TLC. I got some new tyres last week and they commented that my CV joints need some attention :(  so off to Mr Fixit's mechanic I go.  My car is also WAY OVERDUE for a service, so it is booked in for 1st November.

I also had a trip to the Post Office to pay some bills and return our old Foxtel Box (pay TV) - our old box died the other week ....... the power went off and when it came back on again, Foxtel was decidedly dead :( We were out of action for about a week, but we really can't complain, our old box was at least 10 years old and we used it just about every day to record shows.  We had been thinking about upgrading anyway :)

Of all the times for our Foxtel to fail and to lose some shows we had recorded, but not watched .................  I lost the LAST TWO episodes of Army Wives - now I have to wait until SOHO screens it again.
I also lost a week's worth of  The Young and The Restless - some may say 'no biggie' BUT ............ there was an unexpected pregnancy, two marriages break-up, an attempt on someone's life, and the biggie ............ Nikki was diagnosed with MS :(

We also missed the return of Revolution, but were able to watch that on CatchUp - don't you just love modern technology.

Anyway, back to my FNSI show and tell ;-)

This lovely brochure was in my letterbox when I got home, so I figured it was a very good excuse to sit down with a coffee from my fabulous new coffee machine and have a read - I am so looking forward to going this year - I really enjoyed last year :)

After my coffee, I ventured into the sewing room to work on my swap blocks for October.  
My QBSA partner, Lorraine, requested any Tulip block - my search revealed a few patterns, but none for 12" - so after a very frustrating hour for this mathematically challenged little black duck, I made up the block as given in the 9" instructions and will add another outer border in the background fabric to bring it up to 12"

I was a bit frustrated with my time in sewing room, and decided to walk away, as I have found it is not good to sew when your mind is not really on it - mistakes are made so easily.  So I ventured into the craft room, and filled my Halloween Treat boxes ready for Halloween (one or two may just have slipped into my mouth - well I had to check for freshness ......
some of you may recall that I did this last year, but nobody came to the door :(
So this year, I will have a sign on the door - and if nobody comes this year, then we will have an awful lot of choccies in the house ........... they won't go to waste (or should that be waist  :) )

So that's it for my FASI/FNSI update - visit Wendy's blog to see the list of other participants in FNSI and go visit and say hello ;-)

I am returning to the sewing room today to finish off my other blocks for swap - stay tuned for more photos ;-)

Thank you for visiting my blog today - I hope you have a good day.
Remember, any day doing something you love makes it a good day ;-)

Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.


  1. Oh Cathy not the " The and the Restless" actually I can't talk as I LOVE. Big Brother...LOL
    Love that tulip block and adding a border is a great idea..
    Hope you get lots of little visitors this year for Halloween.

  2. Love the tulip block - it is gorgeous

  3. Such a busy day, i have a perfect tulip pattern I could have sent you, never mind the one you made it lovely too :)

  4. Tulip block is very pretty. Good to get ready for Halloween. I forgot last year, luckily I had a jar full of lollies but ran out before all the children came. Hugs......

  5. The tulip block is lovely. I am sure Foxtel will repeat those shows shortly.

  6. What a lovely post to read Cathy. Glad to hear you have a new Foxtel box. We would lose a few shows too if that ever happened to us. That Tulip block is very clever and lovely. Busy you creating the trick or treat boxes I hope someone comes to your door. Shame we don't live closer as I would send our visitors your way....

  7. Love the tulip block and I wish I could come around for a Halloween box of goodies!

  8. Your block looks great..adding a border sounds like a great plan to me.


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