Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quilt Block Swap - June 2010

3rd June and I have already received and completed the block swap for June - what shall I do with the rest of the month?

Here is the block I have made for Teena - it will be in the post tomorrow. 

Teena requested a block using the Ohio Star pattern in blues/greens.  The photo does not do the material justice - the patterned blocks are mostly blue with the teal highlight.  I tried various combinations for the centre block and decided something with a pop was required, but still had one of the blues in the outer blocks.  I had three attempts at getting the centre square right - I finally realised I had mis-cut my centre square ;-)

this is the disappearing 9 patch block I received from Teena - I love the purples, the photo does not do it justice.  I particularly like the small sections with the green leaves on them, there is a lovely gold detail to the material.

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  1. its lovely to see the blocks other members are making for each other. Thank you for sharing these. Do you have any like minded quilting friends that might like to try a swap. We have 5 now (including me), and pretty soon we will all be doing another swap with each other. Sue


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