Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along - Block #7

Here is Block # 7 (see link on sidebar for JRSQA blog)

this was the most difficult to sew up - I am down to the really scrappy bits of my jelly roll now ;-(
I am sure it would have come together better if I had been a bit more careful with my cutting ;-)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along - Block #1

Here is my first block for the Quilt along over on JRSQA - better late than never ;-)

I am using the left overs from my baby quilt - Alfie Bebe-Blue Jelly Roll.

I am fairly certain I won't have enough to make up the complete quilt, but may have to make up the difference with some fat quarters.

This was a challenge with my cutting and sewing - a few misaligned seams :-)
I am sure I will improve with time.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Quilt Completed! just in time!

I have been frantically working on the second baby quilt for my nephew's twin boys.

Here is the layout

Finished quilt - I decided to add two borders to make it a bit bigger than the first quilt I made. 

I am not too sure what I am enjoying more .......... the actual sewing or the photographing  ;-)

I had all sorts of trouble with the tension during this project.  I guess the old SINGER was protesting about being used so much so quickly - after all, it has spent the last 12 years just sitting in the spare room, only being used very occasionally.

1st Quilt Ever - FINISHED!

Since we got word that the twins arrived earlier than expected (my post here), I have been working very hard to finish the quilt - going between the lounge where the quilt was laid out and the study where the computer is to do searches on quilting techniques and the spare room where the sewing machine and iron is - I should have been wearing my pedometer, I feel like I have walked miles & miles ;-)

One of the most helpful sites has been 1st Quilt Ever with lots of pictures and step by step instructions

I also found these videos How to make quilts  and they were most helpful with the binding bit ;-)

Here it is!  My 1st Quilt Ever - complete with unmatched squares and the occasional crooked line or two :-)

close up - all those lovely squares ;-)

the reason I picked this particular jelly roll - the lovely little hands

my first attempt at quilting on a spare block - didn't like the stitching on every square, so I decided to stitch down along the 9 patch block

attaching the binding

I am really looking forward to participating in the hexagon quilt along making up the hexagon quilt for Baby No. 2 (as soon as I can make up my mind which layout I am going to use).

My First Block Swap

I have just completed my first block swap with Sue

Sue requested a 12" churn dash block in blues, creams & browns - I hope she will be happy with it.  I will get this in the post on Monday.

Sue, if you are reading this and you don't like it, PLEASE let me know before Monday and I will redo it.
oh dear!!  the pressure we put on ourselves when participating in our first swap ..........  LOL ;-)

Having said that, I really did enjoy the way this one came together - even after I mis-cut one of my strips ;-)

Here is what I made up after I had messed around with the fabric.  this was made using 4" squares cut into triangles.  I did not realise getting the zig zag pattern would be so easy!

Check out the Australian quilting blockswap for full details on this lovely little group. 
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