Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October block for Melody

The block I made for Melody, my October swap partner for Aussie Quilt Block Swap is in the hands of Australia Post ;-)

Here is a snippet of the block

Saturday, October 23, 2010

pics of blocks I have forgotten to blog

I forgot to post a pic of the block I made for Leona's sister, Tammy's Quilt

Here is a full pic of Linda's block for October - unfortunately, we are still waiting on the postman to deliver Linda's block to me ;-(
Linda requested in greens (not olive), or blues in combination with white

FNSI - a bit late ;-)

As I was busy with birthday celebrations for the last FNSI, I will be having a SSI .. Saturday Sew In ;-)

I have some quilt blocks for my swap groups to finish, a luggage tag for my CraftMad swap to finish. 

I also need to take some pics of the gorgeous block that Melody has sent me (thanks Melody for the birthday goodies too ;-) ) - DONE !!

quilt block has been designed and appliqued by Melody - it is beautiful material, the photo does not do this block justice ;-(

Melody included a lovely birthday present for me - some scented soaps and a purse size notebook. 
Thank you so much Melody!

I am so looking forward to getting new November swap partners for Aussie Quilt Block Swap and Christmas Quilt Block Swap - there is just one spot left for Group #2 Christmas Block Swap ;-) ..... know anyone who would like to join???

I am also running late for my International Quilt Block Swap - Linnea, your block will be in the mail soon ;-) 
If Vicky (September partner) is reading my blog, I hope your house hunting was successful and you can get back to sewing real soon ;-)

Hubby has some work to do on the computer, so I need to get off and go spend some time in the sewing room.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Orange Friday - time to play catch up with quilt block swaps

it is friday again ........... well, where did that week go?

Our first week of annual leave has gone by in the blink of an eye - at least we got the car serviced, the home aircon serviced, DH got a new pair of shoes for work and I got to spend some of my birthday vouchers on some new jewellery.  Will post pics  later  ;-)

but for now, over on DaisyQuilts, it is Colourful Friday and this week's colour is Orange - didn't think I had much orange around, but I found some ;-)

I have fallen a bit behind with my quilt block swaps, but will spend some time on the weekend finishing them off and they will be in the mail on Monday ;-)  (just in time for the next batch of names)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Colourful Friday - Green

I realise I am very late with this, but I was having too much fun playing with Picasa!
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reasons to celebrate

I received this lovely unexpected birthday card in the mail from one of my CraftMad friends, Merry. This card is just so pretty in real life - unfortunately, my photo does not do it justice.

I got to meet my Great Nephew, Riley, in the flesh for the first time yesterday ;-)

Great Grandad with Riley

Nanna (my sister) & Riley
Unfortunately, I don't have a pic of me holding him ;-(  he got restless when I held him
(most probably picked up on my nerves)

The quilts - finally finished and in the nursery ;-)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Blue Friday

I saw a few of my fellow swappers blogs this afternoon - they all seemed to have a blue theme ;-)

So, I raced around the house to see what I could contribute ................. alas, there is not very much blue in our house .............. I really struggled to find these

First, a vase I made when doing ceramics
next is my favourite set of wine glasses

Here is a lamp base I made during my 'iris' stage in ceramics.

Next, are some seed beads - the most gorgeous blue (the photo does not do them justice) :-(

This was a fun exercise LOL - when is the next one??

I have been busy helping my sister today.  She wanted help with a job application and has very little knowledge of the job application process and also needed help with some word processing tips.  Unfortunately, my sister has only recently been introduced to the world of computers and all it's wonderful applications.  To say she is a little overwhelmed, is an understatement.  Give her her due, she has mastered some things very quickly and is enjoying her 'challenge' of learning new skills ;-)

Aussie Quilt Block Swap - Christmas Group #1

Cheryll has just posted that the log cabin christmas block I made for her has arrived.

I am very pleased it will fit in with Cheryll's Christmas Table cover.

Here is a REAL comparison, here is my VERY FIRST ever block, a log cabin block

oooooh ........ talk about the Good, the Bad, and the ugly ...............  There is definite improvement in my straight lines, and my colour combinations - I guess this could be called a 'scrappy' log cabin ???

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Quilted Hugs

In August, fellow swapper  Crafty Pug  put forward a suggestion that we make a quilt for a friend in need of some quilted hugs.

We conspired and we sewed and swapped lots of emails and pics and sent our blocks to Crafty Pug who weaved her magic and produced the most beautiful quilt.

Alex has just posted the most beautiful thank you for the group's efforts.

Here is my block before Crafty Pug wove her magic wand

I love how Crafty Pug has brought it all together and produced such a wonderful work of art.
P.S.  Happy 10th Anniversary Alex ;-)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Good .............. and the Bad

The good bit ..................... I have completed all my swaps for the Aussie Quilt Block Swap group for the month of October - 1 block swap & 1 Christmas swap .......  ;-)  YAY

The bad bit ...................... waiting on the postman to deliver the blocks to their recipients  ;-(  BOO

Sunday, October 3, 2010

October Block Swap

hubby has been sick this last three days ;-(

so I have been left to entertain myself in the sewing room ;-)

I have completed my block for the Aussie Quilt Block Swap Group

This one is for Linda, who requested a Blazing Arrows block in greens or blues with a combination of white.

So I don't spoil the surprise, here is just a snippet of the block.

Blogger is not playing well today - it took several attempts to upload this picture.

Christmas Block Swap Group #1 - October

YAY!!  I have completed Cheryll's Christmas Block - I have a heavy social calendar for October and thought I should get it done quickly ;-)

So that I don't spoil the surprise for the recipient, here is just a snippet ;-)

Cheryll requested a Log Cabin block in Christmas Fabric

Blogger is not playing well today - I had 5 attempts at loading a pic - new photo uploader did not work and had to go back to 'old' uploader ;-(

Cheryll, your block will be in the post to you on Tuesday ;-)