Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My first International Block Swap has reached its destination ;-)

Debbie just emailed me to let me know my block has arrived.  I was beginning to get worried, it seemed to take so long.

Here is my block in pinks & browns.  I also included a postcard of Adelaide. 
I am very glad and relieved that Debbie likes it - Debbie has been a quilter for 18 years, a quilt teacher for 6 years, and a long arm quilter for about 5 years - needless to say I was terrified that my block would disappoint ;-)

Thank you Debbie, for letting me know it has arrived safely and that you like the colours I have chosen.

Friday, August 27, 2010

August Block Swap received from Larain

I received two lovely blocks from Larain today - her first block was a bit small, so she made another one.  I just love the material she has chosen, so I think I am the lucky one ;-)

this is the slightly smaller one

JRSQA - completed top

I have finally completed my quilt top.  Since I am making this for a baby quilt, I decided to go with 3 x 3 setting.  I think I am happy with this one ;-)
I am really happy with my sashing - I got about 80% lined up

I chose the block with the most background colour as the centre block

I am in two minds whether it needs an outer border ???
what do you think?  any suggestions??

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August Block received from Debbie

OOPS -  I originally posted that this block came from Larain, a new member of the Aussie Quilt Block Swaps, but I was mistaken, this block is really from Debbie in Canada.  The envelope was wet when it arrived and the return address was partially obscured and I didn't even notice it was stamped with Canadian stamps ;-)  There was a note stuck on the inside that did not come out when first opened.

I apologise for my oversight, but I was eager to post pics on my blog.

A lovely block, in black, white and red.  The white squares are a beautiful white on white material - it does not show up very well in the photo.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

JRSQA Block #12 - completed

I just realised I had not posted Block #12 of the JRSQA (see icon on sidebar)

JRSQA Block #12 - final block

I am now in the process of laying out my blocks and bringing them all together in a quilt. 
I think I will make two baby quilts - 6 blocks in each.

The sashing will be light blue with yellow polkadot cornerstones and the backing will be blue & white polka dots. 

I am thinking of using the yellow polkadots as the binding too, but will wait and see what it looks like when I finish sewing the blocks together.

here is a photo of my choices for the binding

I really love the yellow polka dots next to the blue polka dots

Now to decide on what will be the outer border - to bring the quilt up to a crib size.

I have really enjoyed this process and have loved seeing everyone's pics in the flickr gallery.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

One August Block swap has arrived!

My August block for the Aussie Group has arrived at it's destination - YAY!

Here is a full pic!

Now to do another swap for a new member to our Aussie group.

My International swap is still on it's way to Debbie, and Debbie's is on it's way to me.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August Block Swaps Completed

I have completed my August Block Swaps - YAY!

They will be in the post to their respective destinations tomorrow.

So that I don't spoil the surprise, here is a tease ;-)

For Debbie in Canada - block in pinks & browns

For Crafty Pug, a block in greens & creams
I will post full pics when they reach their respective destinations.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Toy Society Drop Completed ;-)

I managed to do my Toy Society drop today - it was a lot of fun.  Here is what I made for our CraftMad June Sewing Swap:

I decided to place my 'drop' in the Baby Change Room of the Clovercrest Shopping Centre, Modbury, South Australia.

Here is the proof of the drop:

I think I will do another one soon - I enjoyed the challenge - I may even attempt the bear again seeing the first attempt was so bad ;-)

I hope that the blocks find a new home soon.  The Toy Society Blog is  here - check it out, maybe even participate yourself ;-)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Time to play catch up :-)

After waking up to a terribly cold and wet day, I decided to do some cooking & cleaning in the morning and promised myself some time in the sewing room in the afternoon.

I had a list of things I wanted to complete today - I am pleased to say I completed my tasks ;-)

I was so very far behind on my CraftMad June sewing swap - we had to make up a softie, swap with another member and agree to do a drop for the Toy Society BLOG .

My first softie turned out a bit of a mess, so I started again.  It suddenly came to me that it did not really need to be an animal - so I decided to make up some blocks.

I cheated a bit ;-)  I had lots of squares left over from my baby quilt, and thought they would be perfect for these blocks.  Unfortunately, these were cut out in my early days, and they are not quite square, but that adds to the rustic charm ;-) 
I just need to print out the blurb, place items in a bag and then pass over to Mandy so that she can do the drop.  Hopefully, Mandy will have a softie for me so I can do the drop for her.

Next up, I put the finishing touches on my CraftMad July sewing swap - a christmas wall hanging for Mandy.  I am fairly pleased with this, seeing it is my first wall hanging.  The hanging tabs are a bit crooked, but I didn't want to take it apart and make Mandy wait any longer - she has been patient enough with me as it is.  We are going to catch up over a cup of coffee and I can give her my 'creations'  in person.

I received a gawgeous wall hanging from Merry a beautiful pic is here - I love it!  I can't wait for December so that I can hang it up.

Pop on over to the CraftMad Gallery and check out photos of our previous swaps - maybe even join in for the next one!  The more the merrier!

Next came Block #11 for JRSQA (see icon on sidebar)

this one came together quite easily
Block #12 has been posted and I hope to get to it soon!

I am still so very unsure about what to do for the sashing and/or background/backing.  Once I have finished Block #12, I can have a play with some other sashings and see what I can come up with.

It was so worth getting wet and cold when I went out to the mailbox this morning ;-)

These two lovely items were in the mail - blocks from  CraftyPug - I love them, they are so bright and beautiful.  There was some extra dotty material and some embroidery cotton as well - thank you so much! 
I am really enjoying being part of this Block Swap group (see icon on sidebar).

Must be off now - it is time to start preparing tea - sausages & mash & onions - mmmmmmmmm my fave!