Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quilt projects ............... In the planning stages

I am in the planning stages of a quilt cover I want to make for our bed.

I have some lovely Andover Teatime fabric and have been playing with the Quilt Wizard software to help me decide on a pattern.

Hubby likes the Card Trick block, so I have been playing with some layouts.
It is a difficult task to decide on a particular colour combination - especially when you like them all!

Here is my choice of fabrics with the backing material (left side)

this is my material with dark brown sashing and floral outer border

this is my material with a different outer border.

I still have not decided .................. it is so hard to decide to go ahead and cut!!!!

next I had a play with the Wizard to come up with a Christmas wall hanging design for my July sewing swap with CraftMad  - nothing like leaving it till the last minute for inspiration to hit!  Sorry Mandy!

I am having fun with Quilt Wizard - it is very basic, and has got me hooked, not bad for $50.  Unfortunately, you cannot import your own fabrics or view fabrics by Name, but I understand you can in EQ7 - but that software is a bit too expensive for me at the moment $285.00.  Yet another thing to be added to my crafting wish list.  I have a birthday coming up soon, so maybe ............ if I am very lucky ............ ;-)


  1. humbug to christmas in july or even in december lol
    i'm sure those rich brown tones will make an awesome quilt

  2. The colours and fabrics for your quilt are gorgous. I know what you mean, its so hard to make that first cut into new fabric.


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