Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August Block received from Debbie

OOPS -  I originally posted that this block came from Larain, a new member of the Aussie Quilt Block Swaps, but I was mistaken, this block is really from Debbie in Canada.  The envelope was wet when it arrived and the return address was partially obscured and I didn't even notice it was stamped with Canadian stamps ;-)  There was a note stuck on the inside that did not come out when first opened.

I apologise for my oversight, but I was eager to post pics on my blog.

A lovely block, in black, white and red.  The white squares are a beautiful white on white material - it does not show up very well in the photo.


  1. The Black,Red & White block is STUNNING! Look forward to seeing your block to Larain.

  2. i love the contrast - your finished quilt will looks amazing with the variety in colours and styles!


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