Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My first International Block Swap has reached its destination ;-)

Debbie just emailed me to let me know my block has arrived.  I was beginning to get worried, it seemed to take so long.

Here is my block in pinks & browns.  I also included a postcard of Adelaide. 
I am very glad and relieved that Debbie likes it - Debbie has been a quilter for 18 years, a quilt teacher for 6 years, and a long arm quilter for about 5 years - needless to say I was terrified that my block would disappoint ;-)

Thank you Debbie, for letting me know it has arrived safely and that you like the colours I have chosen.

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  1. wow - talk about pressure!!!! well done though - your work is always great. love the pink squiggle fabric


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