Thursday, September 2, 2010

JRSQA - Quilt Completed!!! YAY

I have finished!

quilting (in the ditch) & binding done!

I love the binding!!!

I have just washed it again to make sure it doesn't fall apart - if it survives, LOL, I will give to my nephew & his wife for their son, Riley.

I hope they like it!  I believe the nursery is just a simple blue & white. 

I needed to do the backing in two pieces, so I thought I would make a feature of the seam.

Close up of back section


  1. just gorgeous!!! well done and a great job on the binding! i love the way you have made a feature of the seam - i think i will borrow that idea for the next time i need to join backing pieces if you don't mind!

  2. Yes...that's a really GREAT idea, I too might use that one next time I need to join. Thanks!!!!


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