Friday, October 8, 2010

Blue Friday

I saw a few of my fellow swappers blogs this afternoon - they all seemed to have a blue theme ;-)

So, I raced around the house to see what I could contribute ................. alas, there is not very much blue in our house .............. I really struggled to find these

First, a vase I made when doing ceramics
next is my favourite set of wine glasses

Here is a lamp base I made during my 'iris' stage in ceramics.

Next, are some seed beads - the most gorgeous blue (the photo does not do them justice) :-(

This was a fun exercise LOL - when is the next one??

I have been busy helping my sister today.  She wanted help with a job application and has very little knowledge of the job application process and also needed help with some word processing tips.  Unfortunately, my sister has only recently been introduced to the world of computers and all it's wonderful applications.  To say she is a little overwhelmed, is an understatement.  Give her her due, she has mastered some things very quickly and is enjoying her 'challenge' of learning new skills ;-)


  1. Hi Cathy, click on the colourful Fridays button on my personal blog and join up. Next Friday is Green.

  2. So sorry you felt BLue today....
    but you'll be green with envy next friday!

  3. Hello Cathy,
    So happy to have you playing in our Colourful Fridays!!!
    Pop over to my blog on Fridays and link up...
    We'd love you to join us and you are most welcome to take the Colourful Friday button if you'd like to.
    Next week is GREEN!!! :-)

    I didn't think I had much blue around either but I was very surprised by what I found. Love love love your beads!!!
    So glad you joined us this week!!

  4. love the wine glasses - a lovely design! and good on you for helping your sister out!


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