Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's time to replace my Singer Futura, but what with?

We have just spent some time in Spotlight looking at sewing machines and getting nice and confused.  I want to replace my old Singer Futura with a machine that will allow me to do some freehand quilting.

I am looking for a simple basic machine - nothing too outrageous - a fancy embroidery machine is out of the question - I am thinking under $500 is preferred.

Spotlight have a special on the Brother BM-2600 RRP $349 down to $174 as a clearout - I figure it is going cheap for a reason ?? 

EDITED:  Spotlight have one set aside for me that I will pickup tomorrow.  at $174 I can't go wrong - if it doesn't suit after a year, I will look at something else.  At a minimum, it will be better than the Singer which is missing stitches on a more regular basis now and I am only left with 4 bobbins, as they are plastic and have deteriorated over the years - they are the screw together type and I have not seen them in any of the stores.

HERE is the Brother BM2600 brochure if anyone is interested. 

I am hoping my fellow block swappers can give me some suggestions ;-) 
what machines (model numbers too please ;-)) do you use?  are there some that are better for quilting?


  1. Sorry Cathy I'm unable to offer suggestions... but I do use a Brother (all 3 machines)but in a higher price range and have had NO problems with any of them! Hope that helps a little at least!

  2. Sorry Cathy I have a Bernina 440 QE so can't help with the Brother.

  3. Cathy if you are prepared to spend $500 and there is a machine that was over this price and reduced to the $500 that is what I would get... it will do more for you as you grow as a sewer/quilter... and I do have friends who have brothers and they swear by them and they are good brand and well know... hope this helps you xxx

  4. thanks guys - I have decided to get the Brother BM2600 - at $174 I can't go wrong really - it has everything I want, and then some extras with the embroidery type stitches.


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