Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Happy Easter to you all ....

.... well, those that celebrate Easter, anyway ;-)

I received the last of the D4P blocks from Block Lotto during the week and have finally been able to take a photo of the design wall.

There is a lovely 'light & dark' pattern emerging and I think I will have a play with layout before stitching.

I also received this lovely block from Sharon, for the Christmas Block Swap.

I love the fabrics you have chosen, Sharon, they are so me  ;-)

lovely golden goodness

I have also made up some more purses for my ETSY store - specially with Mother's Day in mind.


  1. This red and white quilt is going to be superb.

  2. Your quilt is growing FaSt! Looks great too! ALso love the little purse & tissue sets... lovely fabric! :)


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