Thursday, July 14, 2011

Time to reveal my wonky house

I was quite late in completing my June block for Block Swap Adventure, and even later in posting it, but I kept my pledge, and kept my partner (and Swap Organiser) informed each step of the way.

Here is the tease I posted earlier.

Since the other items I posted on the same day have reached their destinations, I will assume that this wonky house has too.
Here is the full block.

My partner asked for a "wonky house or tree, bright and I love white as an addition, but no black or brown please".
I really hope I have fulfilled my partner's request - even though it took me several attempts to get it right, LOL, I quite like the end result, it makes me think of a child's drawing and colouring in page.

Unfortunately, I don't know if my partner was happy with our swap as I have not heard from her - I will have to assume that 'no news is good news'.


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  1. Wonderful block! I'm sure your swap partner loves it :)


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