Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Block from Terry, FQs from Narelle & some real sewing ;-)

I received this beautiful block from Terry (no blog) for the QBSA August swap - thank you Terry.

These beautiful Fat Quarters from Narelle for the FQS for August

Thank You Narelle, I know exactly what I am going to make with these - stay tuned ;-)

and this is what I am doing this afternoon - taking up some trousers for my husband ;-)


  1. i LOVE the fat quarters - what lovely fabric!!! i am sure you will make something great with them. i always get so annoyed when i have to take up trousers or do something similar! don't know why - its all sewing i guess :)

  2. Lovely block and fat quarters. I agree with Crafry Pug. I sew for fun almost every day, but dont like to do this kind of sewing. In fact I have been known to pay the alteration lady at the shopping centre to do this for me, silly isnt it.


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