Monday, January 13, 2014

Would you be upset if ............ (UPDATED)

you believed you were buying this
but received this instead
I deliberated long and hard before posting this ................warning ....................... dummy spit follows!
This CraftCentral/Patchwork&Craft Leutenegger promotion was available as a "Deal of the Day" on Monday, 25th November 2013.  By the time I responded, the "Leutenegger Clever Country “YELLOW” Fat Quarter Pack" for AU$45 was the only one available - that's OK, I needed to fill a yellow gap in my stash.
I was quite confident in dealing with this organisation as I had previously purchased a boxed set of FQs to match the FQs I had received as a bonus for renewing my magazine subscription - on that occasion, I was extremely happy with the fabrics received as they were EXACTLY as described, pictured and promoted.
I contacted Express Media (Craft Central/Patchwork&Craft) to express my disappointment and got this reply:

HI Cathy,

Thank you for your feedback in regards to the product you have purchase. The add did state that styles may vary. We have taken your feedback on board.

Kind Regards,
Victoria Loftus

Customer Service Manager
Express Media Group

Whilst I would have been happy to receive different styles of 'yellow' fabric, I was still expecting to receive individually wrapped Clever Country fat quarters from the Leutenegger range of fabrics - not some different range and in a different colour.
The other colour selections that were promoted at the time were as follows:





(photos taken from the email I received as part of this promotion)
I have to wonder just how many people got what they thought they were buying.

Some of you may say "what do you expect for AU$45?" - well all I can say is I am glad I didn't pay RRP AU$105 for them - they would have been returned!
I have since done a search for the fabrics that were actually supplied, and have found:
yellow/black and white fabrics Lemon Tree by Benartex HERE
other black and white fabrics I found available at Alacraft  HERE
I cannot find any of the fabrics I received from CC/P&C on the Leutenegger website and therefore conclude that the fabrics I have received are NOT Leutenegger fabrics.  I feel as though I have been conned by CraftCentral/Patchwork & Craft and they have used the good name of Leutenegger to solicit sales.
I am still contemplating lodging an official complaint with ACCC - am I being unreasonable?

There is a silver lining though :)   In Alacraft I have found an Australian OnLine store that can satisfy all my creative craft needs - with sewing/quilting, cardmaking, beading, knitting & crochet - all in the one place!

UPDATED:  3rd January 2014
Since sharing my photo here and on Facebook on 29th December 2013 - I have received several comments both here on the blog and on my FB photo, to support contacting CC/P&C again to seek a full refund.  CC/P&C have since commented on my photo on FB apologising for the mix up and offering a full refund.  It has taken a few days, but I am now in receipt of the details needed to send my package back.  Will keep you all posted on how long the refund takes :)

UPDATED:  13th January 2014
After a phone call from Express Media (CC/P&C) on 7th January saying the returned goods have been received, they agreed to arrange a refund via Paypal, which was finally processed on 13th January.

Thank you all, once again, for your comments and support :)

Thank you for visiting my blog today - I hope you have a good day.
Remember, any day doing something you love makes it a good day ;-)

Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.


  1. I would be demanding a refund as what you received it not like that used in the promotion!

  2. I would also demand a refund. That was false advertising, at the very least! I'm appalled that the owner didn't offer to properly rectify the situation immediately upon hearing from you! TERRIBLE business practice and i would never, ever order from them in the future.

  3. i too would not be happy and would be asking for a refund,this is not good,i wish you all the best cathy with your followup.xx

  4. Yep, I would be demanding a refund as all. At very least the substitute fabric should all be of a yellow hue and of a Leutenegger brand. Even though they did say substitution may occur - did they state that it would be of another brand/colourway?????????

    Good luck with this Cathy. I think it is great that you have posted this - something to keep in mind when online shopping!

  5. I agree with everyone, i would definetly be asking for a refund at the least. They said a styles may vary which to me means the pattern...not the colour or brand of fabric.

  6. Yes Cathy I also agree with all the above comments and good luck with your follow up..

  7. Definatley send it back, I have ordered online a lot and (touch wood) have always got what I paid for but If I didn't, I would be asking for a refund and they would pay the return postage too.

  8. Go for it, follow it up further. The response you got was totally out of place. Not comforting or supportive at all

  9. yes, get a refund and have them pay postage! cheats and deceivers should not be allowed to get away with this type of service. this is illegal and they must be stopped! you need to step up! shout out loud and clear to everyone near and far about this business -- they need to be investigated, no matter what town you live in.

  10. This is terrible, I think you should follow it up. Anyway hope you have a wonderful 2014.

  11. Excellent Cathy; fingers crossed you don't have to wait too long XXX

  12. Well done. Keep on top of it


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