Monday, November 24, 2014

November Swaps | Slow Post |

Why is the postal system taking so long lately?

I am still waiting for my block from Hope for the October Christmas Block Swap - it was posted from the USA on 7th November :(

I am also waiting on my QBSA November block from Brenda, another swapper in USA - that block has only recently been posted, so I hope it doesn't take too much time.

I just realised I had not posted a photo of the block I sent Brenda, so here it is

Is it just Australia & USA that seems to be taking such a long time?  Anyone else noticed their packages taking longer to get to their destinations?

Waiting on items from the other side of the world can be so very frustrating :(

Mr Fixit is waiting on a parcel from the UK - which could be here anywhere between 18th & 24th November according to eBay :)

Anyway, must be off .................. grocery shopping awaits :)

Thank you for visiting my blog today - I hope you have a good day - any day doing something you love makes it a good day ;-)

Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.

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  1. Hello Cathy,

    I am waiting for a parcel from the US that was posted mid October, the lady has apparently sent another but that one still hasn't come. I know they have had big storms recently that would have put them out a bit. Hope your parcels arrive soon.

    Happy days.


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