UFO List - 2014/2015/2016

Here is a list of the items I would like to finish during 2015 2016

Cross Stitch - started 199?

Violets quilt - Block Lotto winnings - started September 2011

Red and White quilt - Block Lotto winnings - started May 2011

Very First log cabins - 2010
My very first log cabins
2014 - blocks sewn together to use as practice for FMQ

Funky Friends Bear - started July 2010

Christmas Block Swap Quilt - blocks collected 2010/2011/2012/2013/2014

Old Primrose Inn - Disappearing 9 Patch

QAYG - Strip quilt for charity

work on some more blocks using scraps

Batik Curved Rails - started September 2011

decide what to do with these block

CraftMad Family Quilt - collected during 2012
CraftMad Family Quilt
assemble quilt top and quilt

Black White and Red quilt
using blocks collected during 2012 
for Block Swap Adventure and Quilt Block Swap Australia
assemble quilt top and quilt

Oh My Stars Quilt-along - started Jan 2012
decide what to do with blocks

QBSA Blocks - collected during 2013/2014
assemble quilt top,
quilt & bind

CraftMad Family Quilt - Dusky Tones - collected during 2013

CraftMad Family Quilt - Christmas - collected during 2014

A4A Quilt - flimsy completed October 2013
quilt and bind

finalise borders & quilt
Wedding Ring Quilt
started October 2013
QBSA Blocks - collected during 2014

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