Sunday, October 3, 2010

October Block Swap

hubby has been sick this last three days ;-(

so I have been left to entertain myself in the sewing room ;-)

I have completed my block for the Aussie Quilt Block Swap Group

This one is for Linda, who requested a Blazing Arrows block in greens or blues with a combination of white.

So I don't spoil the surprise, here is just a snippet of the block.

Blogger is not playing well today - it took several attempts to upload this picture.


  1. Sorry to hear your DH is not well. Hope he is better soon.
    Looks interesting Cathy.
    Yes what is it with this new blogger. I prefered the old one.

  2. Another great looking block, Hope DH is well soon, but its nice to indulge in sewing all day.

  3. naughty blogger! been driving me mad too!
    your block snippet looks great - looking forward to seeing the full reveal!


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