Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blocks Received during the week

Hi everyone,  boy! going to work sure eats into your
blogging time, doesn't it ;-)

I have received some more blocks in the mail during the week, and now I can post some photos.

First up is a block from SylviaM - for the January QBSA my photo does not do the colours justice - it is actually a bit browner/warmer ;-)

next is a block from Cecelia QBS Mom, as a substitute block for an inactive November swap partner - thank you Cecelia, this block is beautiful - once again, my photo does not do the colours justice - it is rich red/gold tonings

I do have a fondness for fabrics with gold in them ;-)


  1. love the fabric! do you like japanese fabrics too?

  2. oooh, yes, Crafty I love the japanese fabrics I have seen, so luxurious in colours and feel. I have seen some beautiful iris patterns too that I must eventually get my hands on ;-)


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