Sunday, February 6, 2011

My new design wall - look Mum - no pins! ;-)

I had read a tip in blogland somewhere ;-) that a cheap felt/flannel backed vinyl tablecloth can serve as a design wall.   So, on my next visit to Spotlight, I went searching.  I found a large rectangle tablecloth for $7.99 and hey presto!  I have a design wall.  I don't need to use pins now to keep my blocks in place ;-)

So, the first blocks I put on my new wall, was all of the autumn toned blocks I have received from various swap partners.  It is so hard to believe that I only started quilting in April 2010 and participated in my first swap in May 2010 - I feel like I have been doing this for ages ;-)

I am thinking the two central blocks (paper pieced & applique) will be made into cushions for the lounge - they deserve to be on display all of the time and they will fit in with the decor ;-)

next are the Christmas Blocks I have received

here are a collection of purple blocks

next are a collection of 'others' ;-)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my 2010 swap partners
I have really enjoyed 'meeting' you all, and hope it continues through 2011 ;-)


  1. Wow... that is amazing! All the blocks are super nice. Can't wait to see when they are all put together.

  2. certainly look like you have been doing this longer than April impressive. So love the idea of the tablecloth...must remember that.


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