Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting ready for FNSI

I am in preparation mode for FNSI - I have a heap of things I want to finish!

  1. Buttonhole on Towel Topper for Let's Exchange swap
  2. Pineapple blossom blocks for Block Lotto
  3. pick Fat Quarters for May yellow Fat Quarter Swap
  4. work on Red & White quilt with blocks won on Block Lotto

I have a good supply of coffee and chocolate biccies - time for some serious sewing.


  1. I love your header! I bought that very same material at JoAnn's and made my little nephew to be a quilt out of some of it! Great minds think alike! I have been super busy tonight finishing up and catching up! Good luck with your list too!
    Love, Lana

  2. Good for you Cathy! I'm in FNSI too... so see you there! :)

  3. Phew!!! Cathy you make my head spin just reading what you ned to do. LOL


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