Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A quilt top awaiting a border or two?

As mentioned in a previous post, I have been playing with Quilt Wizard and came up with a design for a black & white & red log cabin quilt top - the fabrics in QW are not quite the same as I have used, but it gives the general idea

this is what I came up with
here are my first blocks on the design wall - nice big 15" blocks

then I came up with this layout

so, back to Quilt Wizard and I came up with this -

Stage 1 of quilt

Stage 2 of quilt

now to decide whether to proceed with the third group of blocks as designed - the four sections sit nicely on top of the main bed area.  Next, how to proceed with the outer borders .......... as I have designed, or go with something slightly different.  I think I will keep looking at it for a while and see if something magically appears ;-)


  1. WOW you are really getting stuck into this project and it looks fantastic... love the final pattern lay-out xxx

  2. So wonderful Cathy.....I love the pattern you have used and the materials so pretty.


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