Saturday, September 17, 2011

FNSI - results, BSA & QBSA Blocks and an unexpected visitor ;-)

Hi everyone

FNSI again, and today saw me wearing many hats - shopper, sewer, cleaner & wildlife photographer ;-)

I went shopping for fabric for Leanne for BSA as I wasn't happy with what fabric I had in my stash. Stay tuned Leanne, your block will be finished shortly and in the mail.

This is the block I received from Leanne on Friday - thank you Leanne, I love it! such perfect colours.

I wonder, is this what is known as Civil War colours??  

I finished my block for Maria for QBSA
here is a snippet

Maria, your block will be in the mail shortly.

I heard from Gemma that my August block for BSA had arrived in Spain - YAY! 
I had never posted to Spain before and it seemed to take a very long time ;-(

here is the snippet of the block

and here is the full block

Gemma asked for a heart block in pastel colours - the block ended up a bit larger than 12 1/2" and Gemma can trim the block to suit.

Finished block for Jen for Christmas Block Swap
here is a snippet

Jen, your block will be in the mail shortly.

In between cleaning up the sewing room, and making it messy again, I did a few loads of washing and this unexpected visitor surprised me while I was hanging out some clothes.

It is one of our wonderful lizards here in Australia - lots of people keep them as pets - more information found HERE

It hung around for a while, but then went in amongst the plant pots, to eat some bugs I imagine, then it just sat sunbaking in the sun

All in all, a very good day ;-)


  1. Love the heart block! & the lizard photos! I like what we can see of the Christmas fabrics. It sounds like you had a productive FNSI :-)

  2. wow - you were busy! we also have a lizard in our backgarden - lovely easy pets :) your blocks are gorgeous as per usual

  3. beautiful blocks! uh, you can keep the lizard. ;-)

  4. Great blocks, I love the purple heart. I am with Debbie, anything with scales makes my skin crawl - but I know these lizards are good to have in the garden, They eat the snails or so I am told.


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