Friday, March 18, 2011

Ladies! start your sewing machines ;-)

It's Clipsal Weekend here in Adelaide - lots of V8 cars running around the city and lots of visitors ;-)

Whilst I don't call myself a 'rev head', I do enjoy it when the V8 race cars come to town.

It all started when Adelaide had the F1 races in the 90s.  In 1994, the company I worked for had a lottery draw for staff to spend the afternoon at the race in the Corporate Box.  I was one of the lucky ones that got selected for the day of the V8 races.

Here is my hero, Peter Brock (RIP) in action - he was too quick for me to get a photo on the track, so I took a photo of our personal monitor in our 'Corporate Box'

I love this photo of the Roulettes - this is the photo that sparked my interest in photography ;-)
The image is not the best, as it is a scanned copy of the actual photo that has been in a photo frame for a while.

Any way, enough of my waffling, now to the serious stuff ;-)

It is FNSI, and I have been able to make an early start.  Fabric is ready in the sewing room, glass of wine has been poured, sun is shining, just pausing to pick which music to listen to, then I am off and racing err, sewing ;-)

will post pics of my endeavours later


  1. Looking forward to the racing this weekend. I'm a rev head from way back :-)
    Enjoy your evening of sewing.

  2. Well I guess I'll sew you in


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