Saturday, June 4, 2011

April Block from Michelle & May block for Lana

Every two months I go through my swap list to see that I have sent & blogged about all the swaps I have taken part in.  Whilst checking my list, I realised I had forgotten to blog about the block I received from Michelle for April for Block Swap Adventure.

Thank you Michelle - the colours are gorgeous!

Lana has advised that the block I made for May Block Swap Adventure has arrived safely.

Here is the sneak peek I posted earlier.

and here is the whole block.

Lana requested a log cabin using colonial colors of red white and blue - not the bright colors but the old world color of each.  I hope I have picked the colours right - the colour in the photo is not quite right.  After I cut out the fabric and started sewing, I was influenced by the American Flag, and laid out the colours accordingly.  I am so glad Lana likes it.

Lana has posted a sneak peek of the block she has made me and the colours look perfect ;-)  I can't wait to get it ;-)

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  1. These colours look stunning! Just love them together! :)


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